Recreational Marijuana Info

General Recreational Info

  • Must be 21+
  • Must provide valid, government issued, photo ID
  • Colorado & out of state residence may purchase up to 1 oz (28 g) of flower or its equivalent in edibles and/or concentrates per day
  • Cash only with ATM on site

Other Common Questions...

Can you take marijuana product(s) across state lines?: 

No. The possession of Colorado marijuana products is illegal outside the state of Colorado. Therefore, even when purchased legally within Colorado, marijuana products are illegal when taken across state lines. 

Can you smoke/use marijuana product(s) in public?

No. The consumption of marijuana is prohibited in public space. ‘Public space’ includes Ski resorts, sidewalks, roads, parks, music venues, and outdoor/rooftop restaurants. Please be mindful when consuming marijuana products, keep it confined to privately and/or personally owned property and away from pets and children. Consuming marijuana products before or while operating a motorized vehicle is also illegal. Drivers within 5 nanograms of active THC/millimeter of blood are considered impaired and may be convicted of a DUI. DRIVE SAFELY!

Can Golden Leaf ship marijuana product(s)?: 

No. It is illegal to ship marijuana products inside or outside the state of Colorado. 

How many milligrams of edible marijuana is enough for me?:

Keep in mind, that everyone has a different tolerance for marijuana and the ‘right’ dosage for any one person is different depending on that fact. The recommended starting dose in the state of Colorado is anywhere from 1-10mg. Every dose of 1-10mg should be given at least 2 hrs before eating more. This allows your body to fully digest the product and for you to properly find your ‘perfect’ dose. Start with a low dose and go slow.

Why do I have to have my marijuana product(s) in a child-resistant container?:

It is Colorado state-law that ALL marijuana product(s) must leave our facility in a child-resistant container no matter the circumstance. Feel free to bring your Golden Leaf jars and/or bags back and re-use them in our shop! 

What is an acceptable form of ID?:

According to the Marijuana Enforcement Division Rule Book, Sections M405 and R404, we are only allowed to accept the following forms of ID:
  • Valid/current driver’s license issued within the United States or U.S Territory 
  • Valid/current identification card issued by any state within the United States for the purpose of proof of age 
  • Any valid/current passport  
  • Enrollment cards issued by the governing authority of a federally recognized Indian tribe located in the state of Colorado.

      What is a cannabinoid?:

      ‘Cannabinoid’ is a term used to describe a group of chemical compounds within the cannabis plant. These affect the body in different ways and often bind to different types of receptors. The most commonly known cannabinoid is THC; however, there are other cannabinoids that have been shown to have numerous medicinal benefits. The five primary cannabinoids other than THC include CBD, CBN, CBG, CBC, and THCv.

      What is the difference between hemp-based CBD and marijuana-based CBD, and which one is better for me?:

      CBD products that are marijuana-based are derived from the cannabis plant, which contains THC. These products are not legal outside the state of Colorado. Hemp-based CBD products are derived from the hemp plant, containing very little to zero THC. These products are legal to purchase outside the state of Colorado. Pertaining to which product works better for a certain ailment- it often depends on how sensitive the person is to CBD. Some people may need higher doses of CBD. In that case, the marijuana-based CBD may be better for those with higher tolerances. Overall, CBD products that contain THC are more effective. CBD tends to have more power when in the presence of THC.  Some suggest that a 1:1 ratio of CBD:THC is the most effective ratio, while some suggest that a 10:1 ratio is best. The effectiveness of these ratios is something that may just be different for every person. 
      What is the difference between Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica cannabis plants?

      It's important to understand the differences between these general categories of plants because they have a different effect on the body and mind.

      Sativa, Hybrid and Indica Cannabis plant differences