Medical Member Benefits

Golden Leaf Medical Marijuana Member Benefits

Members Benefits:

As of July 1, 2019, a Medical Marijuana Center's registered patients no longer determine the number of plants its grow facility can support. Patients will no longer sign over plants for a dispensary to grow them. Patients with an increased plant count must still designate a dispensary as their primary care center in order to purchase their increased allowance.
Despite, these changes in the Marijuana Enforcement Division Rules, Golden Leaf still offers a discount to patients who wish to sign up as a member. By registering with Golden Leaf as a member, patients are signing up for a 10% discount* and a free birthday joint! Patients are not signing over their plants as an incentive to receive member benefits.
*The 10% member discount will be applied to every transaction! It cannot be combined with other discounts. Patients must provide all necessary documents before using their 10% member discount.