Medical Marijuana FAQs


  • Must have a valid state of Colorado Medical Marijuana Card and a valid government issued photo ID
    • Medical Marijuana Cards must be presented in an unaltered hard copy format (8.5x11”) or an unaltered PDF on a phone or other portable device. The state seal and wildflowers must be visible. A screenshot of the patient registration, an image of a blank card, or a photo of the hard copy is unacceptable.
    • If a patient has renewal paperwork without a current Medical Marijuana Card, we cannot authorize purchases until he/she presents his/her new medical marijuana card.
    • We can authorize purchases for new patients who have temporary paperwork (with a certified mail receipt if sent by mail) M-F between 8am-5pm. Temporary paperwork is valid for 35 days after the date on certified mail receipt. If the patient applied using the online system, he/she can print out the Patient Registration and Physician Certification from his/her account to use until his/her card is ready.
    • Medical patients are allowed to buy up to 2 oz. per day in flower or its equivalent in infused products and/or concentrates
    • If a patient is a member with Golden Leaf and he/she has an extended plant count, he/she may purchase more than 2 oz. per day. (Limits vary depending on assigned plant count from physician.)
    For additional questions regarding paperwork or memberships, please feel free to call 970-870-2941
      Common Medical Marijuana Questions...

      My medical marijuana card is showing up blank or printing with a black box. How do I get it to open or print properly?

      As long as the patient has been with that given caregiver for at least 30 days, then he/she may sign his/her plants over to Golden Leaf, thus becoming an official member.

      You must be a member with Golden Leaf and have plants officially signed over to Golden Leaf for 30 days in order to begin receiving membership benefits. (See member benefit tab)

      If a patient wishes to become a member, and they are currently signed over to a different caregiver, how do they go about signing up with Golden Leaf?:

      As long as the patient has been with his/her current caregiver for at least 30 days, then he/she may sign his/her plants over to Golden Leaf, thus becoming an official member. When the patient is ready to sign up as a member, he/she must come into the shop to sign paperwork and bring in his/her Physician Certification. See the Member Benefits section for more information.

      If a member doesn’t redeem his/her membership benefits within a given calendar month, do these benefits roll over into the next month?:

      No, the benefits do not accumulate or roll-over into the next month. Members must come in once per calendar month in order to receive each benefit.

      If a member has an extended plant count, how many plants are they required to sign over to Golden Leaf? 

      Members with an extended plant count can sign over a portion of their plants or all of their plants. We ask that members sign over at least 8 plants to receive increased benefits. If members still want to grow their own plants at home, they are allowed to grow the 6 plants (3 flowering) allotted to them by the State of Colorado per Amendment 64. If members are purchasing more than the standard limit, they must have their Physician Certification on them to verify their possession of an increased amount.