Medical Marijuana FAQs


  • Must be 18+ with a current state of Colorado Medical Marijuana Card and a valid government issued photo ID
  • If a patient has renewal paperwork without a current Medical Marijuana Card, we cannot authorize purchases until his/her new medical marijuana card arrives
  • We can authorize purchases for new patients who have temporary paperwork with a certified mail receipt M-F between 10am-5pm
  • Temporary paperwork is only valid for 35 days after the certified mail receipt date
  • Medical patients are allowed to buy up to 2 oz. per day in flower, or its equivalent in edibles and/or concentrates
  • If a patient is also a member with Golden Leaf and they have an extended plant count, they may purchase more than 2 oz. per day. (limits vary depending on assigned plant count from physician)
For additional questions regarding paperwork or memberships, please feel free to call 970-870-2941
    Common Medical Marijuana Questions...

    If a patient wishes to become a member, and they are currently signed over to a different caregiver, how do they go about signing up with Golden Leaf?:

    As long as the patient has been with that given caregiver for at least 30 days, then he/she may sign his/her plants over to Golden Leaf, thus becoming an official member 

    You must be a member with Golden Leaf and have plants officially signed over to Golden Leaf for 30 days in order to begin receiving membership benefits (see member benefit tab)

    If a member doesn’t redeem his/her membership benefits within a given calendar month, do these benefits roll over into the next month?:

    No, the benefits to not accumulate or roll-over into the next month. Members must come in once per calendar month in order to receive each benefit

    If a member has an extended plant count, how many plants are they required to sign over to Golden Leaf? Can a patient buy more than 2 oz per day if they have an extended plant count?:

    According to amendment 20 in the Marijuana Enforcement Division Rule Book, a patient must sign over ALL assigned plants to Golden Leaf if said patient wants to be a member. If a patient still wants to grow their own plants at home, they are allowed to grow the 6 plants (3 flowering) allotted to them by the state of Colorado as a Colorado Resident. If a member has an extended plant count, we just need copies of the proper paperwork stating his/her plant count, and we can sell them the equivalent amount in ounces per day.