Recreational Marijuana Drinkables

Golden Leaf will match any price in Steamboat!*

Golden Leaf carries a variety of marijuana-infused drinkable products from all over Colorado. Below is a collection of our most popular vendors. Feel free to click on any vendor you are interested in, and visit their page for more information! The availability and pricing of these products at Golden Leaf may vary.
* Excludes flower. Not to be combined with any other discounts. 
canna punch
  • 100mg $24

Keef Cola

  • 10mg Keef Cola $8
  • 100mg Keef Life $24


  • 100mg FlasQ $20
  • 1:1 FlasQ $45

Ripple Dissolvable THC

Flavorless additive (for food or beverage)

  • 100mg $28
  • 1:1 CBD:THC $28
  • 20:1 CBD:THC $28

    Dixie drinkables at Golden Leaf

    • 100mg $24

    whitewater Tea at Golden Leaf

    • 80mg Tea $28
    • 1:1 (2.5mg x 2.5mg) Tea $22

      Canyon Cultivation Drink it at Golden Leaf

      • 10mg "Drink It" Cold Brew Coffee $12

      Clockwork Coffee At Golden Leaf

      • 100mg THC $25
      • 100mg:100mg CBD:THC $25